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Auto Web Hosting

Hire it yourself at the lowest cost. Option for entrepreneurs with limited capital and self-taught.

Hosting - Assisted Web Hosting


Web hosting is a service of storage and exchange of data and information on the Internet that allows companies to have 2 main services:


  • Corporate / business email service (such as @yourcompanyname.com).
  • Have an online web page.

These are not the only services that a web server offers, but they are the most known. The hosting is also indispensable to manage your web page, mailboxes, blog, forums, or virtual store.

Hosting is a virtual space for your web and email accounts on a server connected to the internet all the time. 24 hours a day, every day of the year, so that your website can be visited anytime from anywhere in the world and you can check your email at any time.

The above services also require the contracting and registration of a domain name (domain, internet address).

We have different hosting options specially designed for corporate email exchange. Ask for a quote.  Our web hosting plans have everything you need, and from the first moment we advise you to offer a customized plan tailored to the needs of your company. The first option we offer is Assisted Hosting and Advanced Technical Support options. If you prefer to hire these services yourself with an authorized company, below are some options. Either with us or with one of your own providers, we can build your website.


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